Here are some of the fantastic facts about the malegra 100 medicine


Erectile dysfunction is the most common sex issue faced by adults and the person who has to begin their sexual life. The nervousness and anxiety are the leading cause of this sexual problem. The Viagra is the oldest form of the drug, which is widely used for the healing of erectile dysfunction. The Viagra is one of the most expensive prescriptions for the healing of this issue, so the companies have started manufacturing the generic form of Viagra, which is malegra 100 from India. The main reason for the popularity of this medicine is its coat, which is slightly lower as compared to the drugs available in the market.

Following are some of the exciting facts about the malegra 100

  • The men mainly face the issue of impotence during sex due to the tiredness or weakness, and it is temporary in some of the people, while for some of the people, it is a permanent problem, so the malegra is the best quality generic medicine which can cure this problem.


  • The malegra 100 from India consists of an active chemical widely accessible by the name of sildenafil citrate, which has the ability to boost up the flow of blood in your veins to have better sexual performance.



  • It also has the effect of the PDE-5, which represses the overall blood of the human body and make a man capable of building a robust erection and sustain for an extended period of time. The total strength of the erectile is raised when the blood vessels of the sexually inflamed organ are increased to a higher level and then relaxed.


  • The malegra 100 from India gives you the long term effect on your sexual performance for up to 5 hours. And if you want the effective results on your return, you are advised to consume this medicine before 15 minutes of having the sex.



  • The unprescribed dose of malegra can have unexpected side effects on your body, so you are advised to consult the doctor as there are several powers of malegra available in the market, and in your case, you might require the less dosage of malegra as your situation is different. The malegra is the best selling medicine for this issue in the market because of its availability in the massive range in the market.